« BLAST » is a dance creation conceived by Emanuela Iacopini on a composition music by Rajivan Ayyappan. In the light and dark explosions, room reflects on the destruction and creation, transition and transformation, the beginning and the end.

This workseductive, leaves a lasting impression of connectivity and human fragility.

In Senegal, under the aegis of the Embassy of Luxembourg in Dakar, the room is reworked and presented by an artistic team of dancers from the Ecole des Sables and the

VEDANZA company: an exchange project art in support of the Dialaw School.

Art direction: Emanuela Iacopini
Music: Rajivan Ayyappan
Co-creation 2020: Emanuela Iacopini, Frey Faust, Yuko Kominami, Saju Hari
With: Ami Colle, Latif Diedhiou, Frey Faust, Sebia Gomis, Saju Hari, Emanuela Iacopini, Kezia Jonah, Bonaventure Sossou (solos

Lighting designer: Nico Tremblay
Lighting manager: Lui L’Abbate
Costume designer: Anne-Marie Herckes

Production: VEDANZA / Ecole des Sables with the financial support of the Embassy of Luxembourg in Dakar, Kultur LX Arts Council
Luxembourg and the National Cultural Fund FOCUNA.

Co-Production 2020: VEDANZA, Op der Schmelz, CAPé Center for Plural Arts Ettelbruck with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

Partners: CERModern Ankara, Embassy from Luxembourg to Türkiye, DeVIR/CAPa Performative Arts Center of Algarve,

The Choreographic Encounters of Casablanca, Sacem, Dance Science Net, Axis Syllabus International Research Network,
FOCUNA, Independence Foundation.

Special thanks to: Renzo Hettinger, Annejet
Pette Hettinger